Pocono Urgent Care was founded by Jean-Paul Romes, M.D., an emergency room physician with extensive training and experience in emergent, acute and minor illnesses. His staff consists of experienced health care providers with extensive emergency department and primary care experience.

Originally from Texas, Dr. Romes received his medical training in Houston, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts. He moved to Pennsylvania, his wife’s home state, and has worked in emergency departments throughout the state since 2002.

The Poconos have experienced exponential population growth since the 1980s. Unfortunately, demand for primary care physicians has not kept pace with the growing residential and visitor populations.

As a frequent visitor to the Poconos since 2002, Dr. Romes and his family have noticed a significant shortage of medical care for not only the area’s permanent residents but also for the region’s many visitors.

One first-hand experience created the catalyst for Dr. Romes’ decision to open an urgent care clinic in the area. The son of a close friend took a tumble on one of the local ski mountains, cut his lip and had to travel half an hour to the local emergency department. He waited several hours to be seen and treated. As an emergency physician, Dr. Romes recognized an all-too familiar trend.

“I wanted to bring a new way of caring to this region,” he says. “That is why my family and I moved here to start Pocono Urgent Care. Our goal is to provide the residents and visitors to the Poconos compassionate, professional and, above all, expedient medical care. It’s a new way of caring.”

Dr. Romes plans to expand that new way of caring by creating additional urgent care facilities throughout the greater Pocono region in the future.

“Our immediate goals are to offer the best and most expedient service to the population on an immediate basis,” says Dr. Romes. “Then our long-term goals are to offer that same type of excellent service with a smile essentially over the entire region.”

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If you are looking for a Stroudsburg doctor’s office, Pocono Urgent Care offers a walk-in clinic in the Stroudsburg area. The convenience of a walk-in clinic offers the Poconos with minor care treatment when you need it most. With our minor medical care in Stroudsburg, we look to evaluate or examine patients and treat them accordingly and affordable in less than an hour.